Sugar Baby

A tribute to the palate

Sugar Baby from Melons the Grandfather

Taste, texture ... the pleasure of a sweet bite

For us it is key to be in continuous development to improve the quality of all our products day by day. The relationship with our environment, both with customers and with suppliers, is based on trust, we strive to correspond with the same that is placed in us. Over the years we have evolved and created an infrastructure, which is supported by highly qualified personnel in order to improve and streamline all our processes.

«Let yourself be surprised by a unique flavor»


Melon Sugar Baby Matisse

Perfect size, surprising taste

Its shape is rounded. Cream in color with green veins on the outside. Its pulp is firm and consistent, it is white and its pomegranate is orange. Our Sugar Baby Mattise melon is very sweet, contains high levels of sugars and a pulp with a firm texture.

"A pulp with a firm texture"


Sugar Baby Gold Melon

A tribute to the palate

With orange flesh, crunchy texture and long lasting, this yellow melon is a gift that nature offers us, a melon with an exquisite bite, perhaps the sweetest melon in the world! Sugar Baby Gold is also the ideal sweet melon for processing (IV range) due to its flavor and long life.

"Orange flesh and a crunchy texture"