Three generations of farmers

Our roots

It's our DNA

Our grandparents not only dedicated their lives to melon cultivation, they also dedicated their lives to teaching traditional techniques and transmitting their values ​​to our parents.

"Our melon is the result of three generations united by sharing the same concerns"

We improve day by day

Prepared for melon distribution

Located in the middle of the field, and strategically placed very close to our national fields in Torre-Pacheco, Balsicas and Los Martínez del Puerto, are our offices; reception center and final product packaging. This modern center allows us great agility in the control and distribution of the product to the different national and international markets.

We also have cultivation fields in different areas of the world, at the moment we develop our own plantations in Brazil and Senegal, which allow us to offer the best melon and watermelon throughout the year, without losing any characteristic related to the product while maintaining all the flavor and texture of the best melons.


If you take care of the earth, it takes care of you.

In our vision as a company, we do not understand any other way of being than to grow the different types of melons and watermelons in a responsible way with the environment and consumers. Only in this way can we obtain products with the highest quality and flavor. For this we believe in the fair exploitation of our fields and we do so under the most demanding standards of commitment to our fruit, taking into account flavor as the main objective.

Our certifications