among hearts


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We love reading and that is why we have decided to approach you in the form of short stories, stories based on real events. On this occasion «Between hearts».

Part 1

Those were the years 40 in a small Asturian village located in the middle of the mountain.

Alberto and Josefa was married with two children. They dedicated themselves to work their land and keep the great cattle they had. Daughters Elizabeth Charo seven years and nine, went to the village school and lived happily as children of the time, playing outside and managing to hang out.

At night, the family gathered by the fireplace for dinner together, commenting on the stories of the day and hung out. It was definitely the best time of the day.

Alberto and Josefa worried about their daughters' studies. Charo the older girl was very nervous, ready and also very intelligent. He loved to discover new things and was always running and jumping through the streets.

Isabel, the small, was quiet and peaceful, although it is true that what was loved to dance the Jota. He learned to be very young and whenever I had a few dances missed opportunity.

Life in the village was quiet, Josefa took advantage, and when the girls walked not playing or studying taught housework for tomorrow were women benefit.

Charo was a girl who towered above his classmates his notes were high and approve the subjects with little effort ...

Years they passed and became a mujercitas that certainly did not go unnoticed. They reached the last days at school, and the girls knew that once finished their studies at school, learn a trade to bring money home and help their parents.

One day, one of the professors Charo, appeared Alberto and Josefa house. The fact come to your home so unexpectedly startled the couple as they thought something bad had happened. But nothing beyond your expectations ... Everything that came from the mouth of the teacher, were words of pride in his daughter Charo.

He told parents that the girl was very prepared to continue their studies and it would be a mistake for them not to bet on the career of his daughter.

History Between Melones Hearts Grandpa part 1

Part 2

Teacher's advice to parents of Charo, made these rethink the future of her daughter. They knew that bet on the race Charo would this leave the village and set up in a big city. On the other hand, had the support of teacher and guide them to the girl ... But had the whole summer ahead and built upon to think calmly and of course, also have the opinion of Charo as the last word would she.

Days passed and Alberto and Josefa were entertained in their daily lives ... they weighed the idea again and again that Charo study outside but did not like the fact that people leave their home and family.

One summer morning Stephen, the teacher, came home and family were single girls, Alberto and Josefa walked in their work. He was chatting with the girls while and then went to see Alberto and Josefa. He asked them if they had taken any decision regarding the future of Charo. Alberto Esteban and Josefa proposed the idea that her daughter was moved to a small apartment in the city. Esteban's sister lived in the center in a nice apartment he shared with a friend, and the best that was located in the center, yes, the distance that would separate her home would be 600 km.

At noon the teacher went to eat at home with family and chatted all together at the table. Charo Esteban asked what he thought that the idea of ​​going abroad to study and Charo looked at her parents not knowing what to say. Esteban insisted and told everyone how wonderful it was to live in the city, the opportunities that paid you, things I could do and people who might know.

We all watched with admiration but also with fear of the unknown, yet somehow everyone opened their minds and made them make a decision. Charo would leave the big city to study at university.

Following the decision of the family, Esteban rented a small room in the village to be near family and go Charo preparing their access to college.

Big changes were coming ...

History Between Melones Hearts Grandpa part 2

Part 3

Charo while fully devoted his time to studies, Isabel did the housework, while their parents were working tirelessly ... the days passed fast and profitable for everyone.

Then came the big day for Charo. Esteban escorted to the city to present themselves to the entrance examination to college. He is carrying two suitcases of clothes, some money and Alberto Josefa had been saved, and sadness of leaving his family behind. All he asked his parents is that you will not forget to write and call her if they needed money.

Esteban take her to the floor of her sister Rosa to be installed on it. Charo and missed his home, his family and his people had assembled on the train ... but how young he was, was also excited about the new experience of living alone in the city, with a world of things to discover.

He never forgets that day boarded the train with the teacher and left behind his land and his family. Isabel looked as if half of it out, throw her terribly, because she had shared with all.

When the family took the taxi back home, nobody mediated word. That day at home, there was silence.

Charo and the teacher made her long train journey, for it turned out to be very nice, it ran all the way looking out the window carefully. I had never left the village, and was excited about all the landscapes he saw.

Finally, they reached the city and went home teacher sister.

When he arrived at the apartment he was surprised, it was a very cute apartment and both Rosa and his companion Puri were very nice. They shared everything, studied and went out together. Charo really liked the atmosphere in that place and for a moment it seemed he forgot everything he left behind. He settled into his room and carefully placed his things. When he already had everything in order, he took out his books and began to study, because in two days he presented himself to the selectivity test and there was no time to lose.

Esteban threw one hand and those two days at nine o'clock was on the floor to help Charo, ate breakfast together and hung to go over everything again and again.

The two days flew by and suddenly woke up and realized it was the big day. He straightened, took a linden and at the door waiting to go to the teacher exam was. They came to the university and shaking with nerves he had, yet steadily came determined. Esteban wished him good luck and waited at the door, he was trembling pulse, having invested heavily in it.

The hours passed and Charo wrote tirelessly, his head out everything in order and did not waste a second to compose ... until he took a deep breath, put his last paragraph and an end. He raised his head, looked around, gave the exam and left the classroom. On leaving Esteban waited, I asked him anxious for everything, and she told him relaxed; Quiet, I have the intuition that everything went well.

There was only waiting for the results, it would take a few days to give them, so while Professor Charo told it was thinking I wanted to study, what profession would like to exercise. And she decided, she said; I have to think, I know what I want to study. I want to study medicine and specialize in cardiovascular surgery. Esteban could not believe ...

History Between Melones Hearts Grandpa part 2

Part 4

Days passed, and Charo was making to life in the city. He wrote to his parents almost daily and on Saturdays at eleven o'clock, talking to them through one pay phone in the village. I told them excited about how well it was going and what he was learning in the big city.

A few days Charo received the great news. There was approved selectivity, high note and enter medical school. Esteban congratulated him and told him that for his part had finished his work and go to another city to teach. Left her in good hands, he would write and would be bound to her for anything she needed. I knew it would be very good student and would draw all along. Charo not disappoint either the teacher or his family, he was sure.

Charo Eventually, he realized he needed to change his wardrobe because it was so different from what the girls wore in college, and I needed to socialize with other companions, go out and make friends.

His parents made an effort and sent him money so he could buy new clothes. Charo changed her look and started hanging out with peers and make social life. Elapsed time announced a party at the university was invited, which the thorougly enjoyed since it was built. He went shopping with Rosa and Puri to advise him, and bought a beautiful dress in a boutique. It was a black-colored suit, fitted with a nice neckerchief, a headband for long raven hair and high-heeled shoes. Puri rose and gave him a choker and a nice bracelet for the evening.

When he arrived at the party everyone was stunning and she was no less, her long hair attracted attention and was very impressed by the party atmosphere and the power be with their classmates.
On the dance floor nonstop music sounded and suddenly approached a tall, dark and very handsome. This asked permission to dance with her and Charo agreed. He kept watch every move and realized wearing a watch that looked like gold as well, which was not idle asked if it was, and he replied that if it was gold. Charo was amazed to see the boy, plus it smelled of perfume, which she had never seen a man.
They did not split up all night, drank, chatted, danced and enjoyed the party. The boy called Matthew and was studying to judge, was in town and asked where she was and that she hesitated to tell the truth or not, and finally said it was also in town.

The days passed and friendship between them grew. They looked before entering class, shared his free time listening to music and walking ... until one day approached Matthias Charo and said he liked very much and would like to start a relationship with her. She looked at him and said yes.
After that yes, Charo felt a little confused because I knew so had intuited that belonged to different social classes.

One afternoon was to pick the park that was close to home in a beautiful, brand new car. Charo was excited, but also feared because he was hiding the truth of their origin.

He told Rosa and Puri did not know what to do, that he liked Matías but it was not for her, since she belonged to a different social class and their parents worked night and day to pay for their studies.
Charo advised the girls, telling him not to worry about anything, that those differences were not supposed to matter because tomorrow she would be a successful surgeon and would at the same economic level as Matthias.


Part 5

Charo continued to write to his parents, and spoke with them on Saturday, but did not tell them anything about his relationship with Matthias. Professor when he could visit her to supervise their studies and saw that everything was fine.
Matthias picked an afternoon in her car and took her to meet his parents, yes, the present itself as a friend of the faculty. He took her hand and led her to the door, Charo was nervous. Suddenly they opened the door and gasped.

It was a huge and luxurious house with a beautiful central staircase by which to look up, he saw those who were supposed to parents of Matthias. With great delicacy down each rung of the ladder, and Charo did not know how to react and mind fleeting images of his parents in the field, his house, his stables ... and felt even more embarrassed crossed, I did not know how to deal that situation, how he could talk about his family ... .but these gentlemen at once, his heart cringed at the thought of Matthias and he was in love with him. During the stay very cautiously he sidestepped all questions regarding his family and afternoon ended well.

One day we went for a walk, Charo dropped the bag on the floor of the car, took the floor but was a letter. Around Matthias she realized letter and collected. He could not with intrigue, decided to open it and began to read. He came home and did not understand anything, read it again and again and could not fit anything. Charo in the letter spoke of his people from his family, his life ...

Charo at home while being reminded that he had not sent the letter and when he began to catch was not. He searched everywhere and asked the girls, but he got results.

The next morning he went to the faculty like every day. And at the entrance he saw Matías, and as always they kissed. Matías when approaching her, whispered in his ear "I have to talk to you, it is very important, this afternoon I pick you up and talk."

Charo was very worried and started thinking mulling over everything. He knew that he had found the letter and perhaps had the ...

He went to the park to wait for Matías and when he saw him arrive he recognized a very serious gesture on his face. He did not invite her like every afternoon to get into his car but they went to a nearby bank and sat there to talk. Matías took the letter out of his pocket and when Charo saw her he began to cry and Matías looked at her and said: «But Charo, why are you hiding all this? I do not understand why you have not told me all your truth, all you get is that I lose confidence in you, you are not the woman I imagined.

Charo asked him to leave because he did not know how to deal with all that and had no strength to do so. So he rose from the bench and went crying to his house. Matias ran after her, came to the floor and rang the bell. He opened the door and asked Rosa by Charo. Companion motioned her room and came Matias calmly sat beside her and told her. Calm down, tell the whole truth and I will not lose, because I love you with all my heart ...


Part 6

Charo began to explain where it came from, what their goals were ... Mathias looked at her, and gradually lost that feeling of disappointment to her. He looked around and watched the single room with one bed, no frills, not even a closet, and began to understand everything. Charo had slept, kissed her on the cheek and left the room. He talked to her roommates to take care of it because it was pretty sad.

Matthias home and started thinking about everything he thought he could solve the problem of Charo, but maybe their parents would not understand. The young man was an only child raised in a very sophisticated environment, his father was a well-known banker and his mother came from a family of high rank. He did not want to hide the origins of Charo and told them who he really was. When parents learned the truth could not believe, and decided to avoid at all costs his son's relationship with that girl, they thought he was not at his level and never would be.

Matias did not imagine so much outrage from parents. He was hurt, sad and above all "love" with Charo. The days passed, they were seeing in college, and talked of nothing but of their relationship. One night Matthias was called to the office of his parents to have a conversation with them. They did not want to Charo and so did see her son; "It's not a girl for you, is a peasant and not at all fit into our family." Matthias began to mourn and said he loved her with all his heart would not let her and please do not give him the choice. That night, Matias did not get to sleep.

The next day when I got home after the day at college, parents informed him Matias that if I wanted to continue with Charo, this would come to live with them, and the mother of Matthias the reeducaría for that was the height of the circumstances, to incorporate after marrying her family.

But the most important decision you have to take Charo would be to forget his family, his people, and certainly not the parents would visit. He would have to abide by the rules of the house and the way of living of the family of Matthias. The poor man was speechless as I knew it would not accept Charo and imponiéndoselo something like that.

Matias was the next day for a walk with the girl, as he was not sure how to address the situation, she began to speak of a future together without strictures or worries. She was delighted only all that was asked to finish his career as a surgeon and do a doctorate. She told him to leave the floor to leave to live with their parents and most importantly he wanted to marry her. She proposition so drunk but he had to tell her parents. Matias did not know how to tell the high price they would pay to say whether her wedding day ...

To get by Matias told him that there was no need to say anything to her parents not to make them nervous that as they were to occupy in the preparations was not necessary to tell anyone. "Charo tell them you do not need to send more money because you do not need, and know that will be the most beautiful bride in the city. Gradually, we will be giving the news. "

The girl picked up things from the floor and asked his colleagues not to say anything until she would ask. I would go to visit them whenever he could.
Gradually, he was calling unless their parents and no longer writing every week, much of grapes to pears sent them a letter but no return address, and he told them he had moved and he did not send letters, she would the write to them.

She was excited about her new life, with marriage plans, plus he was phenomenal in the studies. Just not realizing he was getting carried away by the comfortable and ambitious parents Matias life and was forgetting his real family ...


Part 7

A few weeks Charo, was presented in partnership by Matthias and his parents. His mother chose for her a long dress for the occasion, the opinion of the young stayed away, of course. They prepared a feast in style, with high-status people and very disciplined. Matthias parents did not miss the occasion and announced the wedding between them.
The girl was bored, because I was not used to such presentation and was looking forward to was all over.

Within two weeks of the presentation, Mercedes Charo wife's mother, she told Matthias who had to set a date for the wedding and prepare everything. As always kept the girl outside, she continued her studies and following orders from his in-laws and her fiance. By the time he was exercising practices such as cardiovascular surgeon, and occupied a long time. Being immersed in her studies, she supported whatever decision his in-laws Tomasen.

One morning he said Matthias was going to try on wedding dresses, Charo and then remembered her parents. He missed his mother and family. However he agreed to go. They bought a lovely dress, not that she had chosen, but his mother decided it should be. At night, he asked Matias that when the people would go to see his parents and tell them about the wedding so that they too could be prepared. The young man looked very serious and said; "With the people we have to get together it is with you saw at the party. As well as let's get married here, better not say anything to your parents. " Charo was furious and told him or his family came or there would be wedding. The very clever boy, he proposed a second wedding in the village, inviting all she wanted and celebrating it with his family, this convinced.

It came the big wedding day. There was no family Charo, only family and friends Matthias. Her in-laws were the godparents, and she felt very lonely, sad and unable to enjoy. No one knew she was at that party, he could not invite or her roommates.
On the other hand, also he thought to have been their parents, do not have liked the celebration, as they were humble and did not understand luxury and glamor. After the wedding, the honeymoon came, they traveled abroad and spent a month enjoying and having a great time.

On the return trip they returned home of his in-laws and they began to look for work, the next step was to buy a house buy and become independent, it was something we both needed.

Charo found work in a large hospital that was in another city. She did not want to reject that position, so he asked Matias move to that city. The boy did not budge and said he would put a car with a driver who would take her and bring daily. Matthias found work in the city, and soon parents Matthias gave them a big house, with service and all the amenities one could wish.

She became known to function as a cardiovascular surgeon, and part of a great team of professionals. He spent time in the hospital and little was left free he enjoyed with Matthias. He forgot his roots, his people, his family, the town where she grew up. And if you remember at some point he was ashamed of his origins. He had become a lady respected worldwide, with a great social and life in luxury.

One morning, Charo took a pregnancy test and tested positive. Not in his plans nor on Matthias, it did them much enthusiasm, but accepted it with resignation at first they were accepting. They knew that this would change their lives forever.

At nine months he was born a beautiful girl who they named Lucia. As expected, they hired a nanny to look after the child and for them to continue performing their daily lives as normally.

Nanny, Mary, wanted very much to small and night and day she passed since Charo was immediately joined the work and social life. There were days I did not see the girl, then spent the day working and at night there were many events and celebrations that were to attend.

Years passed, exactly four and became pregnant, again without looking. Charo This time it was a boy they named Paul, who also passed into the hands of the nanny Mary, and that she was more concerned about her physical and life, that of their children.

Marriage is not involved in raising their children and grandparents saw them very occasionally. Mary was a very patient and loving woman. Knew educate them in the love and instill great values, even though the children were not cared for by their parents, she loved as if they were his own. Often, I had to make decisions that did not correspond. Charo had become a woman with an empty heart of feelings, love, memories ... only due to their work and social life, to which he devoted all his time, forgetting all those who had bet on her and why had they not been she would not be nothing, her family, her teacher, her roommates ... all were forgotten ...


Part 8

Time passed and Charo's parents, Alberto and Josefa were already very old. Elizabeth's younger sister Charo, had dealt with them all this time. Not knowing anything of his eldest daughter Charo, he had taken a toll on the health of both. They did not know they were grandparents, nor the whereabouts of her daughter.

Grandchildren occasionally asked by the family of his mother, and nobody said anything, it was a taboo subject.
Years passed, Lucia was already a little woman and a man was Paul, had 16 and 12 years respectively.

Maria nanny, ill with senile dementia and their families took care of it. As Lucia and Paul were worth by themselves, they no longer hired nanny any more, they were responsible as their beloved nanny had trained very well. Meanwhile, Matias and Charo wanted to involve their children in their parties and people knew them. To them, they did not like that environment, and not as their parents and grandparents behaved at these parties.

Winter came Lucia met in adulthood.
Her parents decided to celebrate this special birthday and present it in society. They made a big party and bought a spectacular dress. Lucia was a quiet, obedient girl and such parties were not to his liking.

As he was older old asked his parents for permission to go skiing in the mountains with his schoolmates. She had been invited on several occasions but never had left. His parents agreed this time, while preparing the suitcase for long-awaited day, he remembered Mary, she had always helped him accomplish these tasks and a feeling of sadness came over.
It was time for the tour, they were ten boys and ten girls, they would be hosted at the hotel in the ski resort. When they arrived, Lucia went straight to the ski slope, I was excited and although she did not know skiing, between monitors and his friends learned quickly.

One night, they decided to go down to a village that was on the mountainside. There they partied together. They liked it so much the people, who decided to visit the other people who were on the slopes and in the valley. One of the nights they entered a hall which was filled with young people.
Lucia was impressed, for he had never seen anything like it had only been frequenting dances boring their parents. That sounded loved music and started dancing and joking with his friends. The boys and girls dancing there, suddenly joined a dark-haired boy approached Lucia and invited her to a drink. She agreed to the invitation and went to a ladito to chat while taking the cup.

Time passed, and already had a few drinks and were very funny. Lucia asked the boy to go out and invited her to go to his car. Lucia agreed and when they were in the car started kissing, fondling and made love. It was his first time.

The next day all the friends left for home.
Already in town, Lucia had not told anyone about what happened, but he did a lot of laps in the lead. She continued her studies and daily life, until he came the next month and something was wrong, that night would remember all his life.

She suspected she might be pregnant, twenty days, a pregnancy test confirmed this hunch, she was pregnant. She felt alone and relationship with his family was not the most appropriate to reveal such news.

He continued his studies, determined that child come into the world, and nobody would change his mind. To this it was added concern that barely knew nothing about the father of her unborn child, not even know their origin or their name ...


Part 9

The days went by and Lucia kept spinning her head. She made the decision to call her parents and tell them what was going on, but her parents, as usual, did not have time for her.

The young woman waits for the ideal day and one night that her mother came home earlier, took the opportunity to tell you what happened. Before he had spoken, he had begun to weep, and he gave him the news; Was three months pregnant. Charo, at first he did not believe what he had heard, he went to look for Matias, with a tremendous hot flash and shouted to him that the shameless one of his daughter was pregnant. It was a very violent situation that soon focused on knowing the origin of the father of the child and at what time Lucia had been able to get pregnant. The young woman did not go out much and the parents regret they remembered that their daughter had gone to the mountain few weeks ago with its friendly. For Lucia's parents it was a scandal in the face of her friendships and even more knowing that the young man was not of high rank and worse still they did not even know his name. Even so, Matías tried to take the situation more calmly and managed to calm Charo. The father was clear that this situation had to be solved with the abortion of Lucia. There the conversation remained, the parents went to bed and the girl went up to her room. Once in her bed she hugged her belly and promised herself that her baby would be born, that she would be very proud of him and that she would grow weirder to whoever weighed her.

The next morning the three of them had breakfast together. Neither of them spoke to Lucia, and when they had finished, they left for their work. It would be an intense day because that same day Charo had stayed with Matías in the hospital to talk to a team of gynecologists to propose the situation to Lucia. Once home, after a brief conversation and without a word, they called Lucia to go to his office. To Matías that situation reminded him when his parents took him to the office to tell him to leave Charo and find another girl. In this case he was not willing to give in and in no sense let Lucia make another decision. On the other hand, Charo had lost all his feelings and did not feel any empathy at the bad moment that was passing his daughter. She did not remember her principles, she was nothing like that young woman who came out of her town full of illusions and frightened to be separated from her loved ones.

Lucia stepped into the office, scared and with tears in her eyes. He sat down and Charo was the first one to speak to him, telling him that just as he had been able to give himself to a boy like that, that he would not start crying now, that he would make a small suitcase since at most in a couple of days they would leave to hospital. Lucia raised her cry, got up, and told them she was not going anywhere. Matias with a firm voice answered that this had not been a question, was a fact and was already decided. They did not want to put it in everyone's mouth that her daughter had had a child with a stranger. The girl ran crying into her room and could not assimilate what she had heard. He spent the night without sleep.

The next morning Charo told Lucia that in two days she would have to go to the hospital to interrupt her pregnancy, she revealed herself and told them that she was going to move on with or without her support. His mother replied that it would be the shame of the family and that if he had the baby he could not continue living in that house. Lucia agreed to take the risk ...


Part 10

The day arrived to go to the hospital and to the refusal of Lucia, his mother, Charo, answered by filling an old suitcase (the one that she had loaded from the village many years ago) with the girl's clothes, some money and documentation. He had thrown his daughter from home at the indifferent glance of Matthias, who did nothing at all.

From night to day Lucia found herself alone, not knowing where to go, almost without money and with an old suitcase. He decided to spend the night at the bus station, from there he would take a bus to the city, from where he would finally go to look for the father of his child. In that little village on the side of the mountain where a few months ago he went to spend a weekend with his friends that would change his life.

Once in the village Lucia tried to find the young man, but even more he tried hard to give a description, without a name nobody could help her. After asking in all the places where the boy could attend, Lucia left the village, without an answer and if possible, even more sad.

The young woman has no choice but to return to the city. Once there he decided that he would go north and after a long journey he reached his destination. He entered a small bar that was found walking a few steps, was attended very attentively an elderly lady, who at first saw the young woman very affected. He invited her to take a seat at a table and took notes.

Juana, that was her name, approached with the glass of milk that Lucia had asked and told him that he had a very bad face, that if he needed anything else. On hearing these words, Lucia burst into tears, and Joan answered with a hug. The young woman was disoriented, did not know very well where it was and the nerves did not let her mediate. In a tenuous voice she told him that she was alone, not knowing where to go and that no one would come for her. He needed a place to sleep and did not know where to find him at that time, could not tell him much more, he was tired even to talk.
After drinking the glass of milk, Lucía made the attempt to take money out of her suitcase to pay, to which Juana quickly replied: "to that glass of milk you are invited and also until you do not know where you are going to spend the night I'm not going To allow you to leave. " At that time, the only solution for Lucia to spend the night under a roof was to spend it at Juana's house. So it was, the woman after a little conversation with her husband invited the young woman to sleep in his house. She at first answered that she did not want to disturb but Juana objected to it, she would not consent to leave the poor girl helpless, took her hand and walked the three to her humble house, was a small but very cozy little house.

Once there, Joan showed Lucía her room, told her to take a warm bath to relax and become comfortable while she prepared a bowl of soup. The young woman did not know how to cook or do the housework, they had always had servitude, the only thing that lacked, was the most important, love and affection. Juana's way of attending to her, of drying her tears and holding her hand, reminded her of Maria, her nanny, her friend and the one who did the work of mother throughout her childhood. After taking the soup Lucía went to bed, Juana wrapped her and kissed her good night.

The next day, Lucia got up very early, ready to leave the house, not without first thanking the solidarity of the hosts. Juana and Guzmán were grateful for the thanks, but they did not agree that it was so fast, they had been intrigued by the situation and wanted to know more about that poor girl, so they invited her to breakfast at the bar and once there the young woman He told them his whole story.

Juana and Guzman, were surprised by the coldness of Lucía's parents, they would not agree at all and would never have banished their daughter in that way. The long-lived marriage, had always wanted children, but for different reasons can not be given. Lucia had fallen from the sky and they did not let the opportunity pass. They offered a new life to her and her future daughter ...


Part 11

While all this was happening, Charo and Matías excused the absence of his daughter in the eyes of his closest circle, telling them that they had sent her to study outside Spain. Saying this their consciences were appeased and the sad truth did not come out. Charo spent the day between hearts and Matías between trials and laws, were people of cold feelings, who put many other things before his family.

Lucia had already started her newTo life along with Juana and Guzman waiting for the birth of the girl. The marriage helped her and taught her to take the bar and household chores. The young woman had found a lot of love and understanding, felt that they cared for her heart and was happy to be with them.

Despite not meeting anyone in the village, Lucía, gradually became more welcoming and related to the people of the town. The marriage was very happy of the decision that they had taken, they had much affection guarded and reprimido of so many years without children and this it turned completely in Lucia. Every afternoon Juana and Lucia went out for a walk while Guzman took care of the bar, entered baby stores and almost always bought something from the girl. Every day before going to bed I always gave thanks for finding a real family.

The hour of delivery of Lucia arrived, that day they did not open the bar and went to the hospital, accompanying her at all times. It was an unforgettable moment for the three of them when they showed Lucia the little girl, they all cried with joy, they had definitely changed their lives. For the return of the hospital, Juana and Guzmán had everything ready to receive the two princesses. Who was going to tell them that one day their home would have that smell baby, toys throughout the house. As it could not be otherwise they were the godfathers and those who named the child, would be called Aurora and would have the same surnames as his mother.

The girl was growing very well, stuffed, beautiful and healthy. They wanted to do everything with and for her, take her out for a walk, take her to the park, pick her up from the nursery and a thousand other things. Lucia was delighted at the turn that gave her life thanks to that marriage, little by little she spent more time in the bar and Juana and Guzman exercised and enjoyed like the grandmothers who were, not blood, but heart.

The years passed, Aurora grew and the grandparents grew old, the young woman had already become a responsible and hardworking woman, thanks to the good advice her adoptive parents had given her. All this time Lucia did not know anything about her parents or her parents and even though she was very happy now, sometimes a feeling of sadness flooded her heart ...


Part 12

The pleasant couple who had been eighteen years had welcomed Lucia, was getting older. First it was Guzman who became ill, a few weeks passed until that kind man who had helped that young woman to have a new life died. For a while between Juana and Lucia they took the bar forward, Aurora was helping them, but their main task was to get some good studies ahead. Before becoming widowed Juana had already decided with her husband that the bar would stay Lucia. Only three years later the one who had been like a mother to the young woman died. Now it was up to mother and daughter to face life alone.

Years passed, Aurora became a very responsible young woman, she had many friends with whom she normally stayed. She was a very simple girl and she did not like going out to discos. One of her greatest hobbies was cinema, she used to go quite a lot, even one time she came alone. One of those days that went out with his group of friends and decided to go to the movies, would be the beginning of a beautiful love story. The young woman sat down next to a young man (quite older than she) who had a packet of popcorn in her hands, who offered her a moment's sitting and she timidly agreed to pick up a few. At the end of the film the gentleman introduced himself, his name was Andrew, they engaged in some conversation and shared views about the film. Both were passionate about cinema and although the age was very disparate, they were left in that if ever one of them wanted to go to the cinema could stay. He ran a pharmacy next to his brother, Aurora knew her and that was the place that the young woman would have to go if she ever wanted to stay with him to go to the movies.

To the days Aurora went to the pharmacy of Andres. They chatted for a while and were left to go to the cinema the next day. So it was, they saw the movie taking popcorn and when Andres finally offered to take her in his car and leave it in the same street, it was late and did not want to leave alone. Little by little they were staying more often, Aurora felt more and more attracted by him and although it happened to him, he was aware that she was much older than she. She fell in love with Andres, visited him at the pharmacy almost daily.

One day Aurora decided to tell her mother her story with Andrés. When Lucia closed the bar and came home they sat down and talked. Besides mother and daughter were very friendly. She told him that she was in love, but Lucia saw him coming, told her everything, including the difference in age, but that she was a very good person, and that she was great. Lucia gave her approval and told her to invite him on a Sunday to eat to meet him. For Aurora, her mother's support was very important. Lucia never helped her parents and she did not want that for her daughter.

Aurora invited Andres to go home to eat on Sunday, explained that his mother was the only family he had, it was his life, he had no brothers and he did not know his father and his maternal family did not want to know anything about her or her Mother since she became pregnant. Andres told him that his parents did not live, had two brothers, lived with one of them and his sister was married and had two children. She knew Andres's brother, his name was Lucas, and he worked with him at the same pharmacy. That Sunday came, Lucia prepared a dish that Aurora loved and put a nice table between the two. The doorbell rang and Lucia opened the door. He could not believe what he saw, this young man looked incredibly like the boy with whom he spent the night Aurora was conceived. The food passed normally, but Lucía kept turning her head and that incredible resemblance ...


Part 13

The next night, Lucia decided to talk to her daughter, she was not sure if it could be true, but the man was very much like the young man who met the night Aurora was conceived. The girl was surprised by the story her mother told her. They decided to confront reality and go and talk to Andres, to clarify this situation.

They arrived at the farSoft was closed, but they saw Andrés out the small door, Aurora ran to him and told him that they had to talk about something very important, Andrew was frightened by the tone in which he told him and understood nothing to see that the Young woman was accompanied by her mother. He invited them to his house. They settled in, ready to talk, and at that moment Lucia got up and went very close to Andres to see if he recognized her. They had spent 22 years, tried to remind him everything that happened that night in the disco so many years ago ...
Andres was astonished at what Lucia was saying, he did not remember or understand anything, because in those days he was still very young, impossible that it was him. All three were very focused on the conversation, trying to get something clear, when suddenly the door of the house opened and a man appeared with a great resemblance to Andres. It was his older brother, his brother Lucas.

Suddenly Lucia understood everything, Lucas was the father of Aurora and Andrew was his uncle, no one believed what had happened. The mother told Lucas that she had been looking for him since that night and that she never heard from him until today.

All night long they were talking... Aurora listened very carefully and the stories fit together, the same as her mother had told her the night before. It all made sense as they spoke, and that was a turning 180 degrees between the relationship of Aurora and Andres. Fate wanted Lucia and Lucas to meet again. After time they resumed their relationship and with it, the years and moments lost, becoming an inseparable couple.

Over time, everything returned to its place. They had been able to form a family after so long. One day while Aurora was helping her mother at home, she found an old suitcase that caught her eye. He dusted it off and checked his pockets to find an identity document of a young lady who shared her mother's surname and had a great resemblance to her. Curiosity was with her, she decided to talk to her uncle Andrés, with whom she shared a great friendship. Between the two they decided to organize a familiar trip towards the locality that in that document appeared. It would be a pleasant surprise, and who knows what that town would bring them. They began the journey and when they were arriving at the small town that they were looking for, Lucia could not believe it, she was delusional to see that it was the town where she met Lucas. That night they remembered old times.

The next day they walked together through the town, and Aurora decided to send the family to the street that appeared in that document. When he reached the address, he found an old woman sitting in her doorway, from within she heard a voice calling to her. Lucia stopped, for the voice sounded familiar. Slowly Lucia approached the porch, at that moment the lady who had seen moments before and a woman in a wheelchair came out of the house. Lucia's legs began to tremble and Lucas came up to her as she was very nervous. Suddenly, I could not believe what I saw, that old woman, it was Charo, her mother. He could not bear it and ran to embrace her, kiss her, ask her about her life, her health, her grandparents, her father and her brother. But Charo had no words, the woman who was on her knees resting on her legs without stopping to hug her, was the same girl who threw that old suitcase away. The old woman wanted to kick her out of the house, she thought she was crazy, because she said that her daughter, Charo, had only one child. Lucia realized that they had erased her from their hearts during all these years, no longer existed for them. Charo was still speechless, he could not react to this situation, he was cold as always before his daughter, so Lucia took her grandmother's hand and sat in an armchair to tell the whole story since the day they threw it From home…


Final Part

They spent hours talking, Lucia told her grandmother about everything that had happened, how she made her life through the solidarity of Juana and Gúzman, who would be their parents until the end of their lives. Charo listened from a corner without showing any remorse, totally devoid of feeling.
Suddenly a little old man came in, coming with a basket full of food. It was Alberto, Lucia's grandfather. For her this was a moment with which she had always dreamed, always wanted to meet her real family. Between tears realizing that it was his grandfather, he ran to him and gave him a big hug. Alberto gave no credit, until his wife, Josefa, put him in position.
They were all together, Lucia had introduced the whole family, her daughter Aurora and Lucas. Everyone was sharing the experiences of all these years, in which he had had no contact.
While Charo was still speechless. Lucia decided to approach her. He took her hand and kissed it softly. Charo looked into her eyes and began to cry disconsolately. She told him that she was very sorry for what she did in the past. That his vanity and ambition had made him lose the feelings of love and humility that lived in his heart and, more importantly, he had lost his children.
He did not know how he agreed to come to such a situation and act so badly. He had lived all these years empty, without illusion for nothing or anyone.
The story of Lucia's parents after all that happened was a great tragedy. A few years after the fight with his daughter, one of the many who had an event in society, during the way back home they had a fateful traffic accident. In him, Matías the father of Lucia, would lose the life and Charo, although it survived, would never walk again.
Matias' family over the years disregarded it. Charo entered a severe depression and while his son Pablo had married and had gone to live to Germany. She had been left alone and unaided. It was then that she decided to return to her hometown, and after many years of absence for her family, she was received with the same love and affection with the one who had treated her as a child. It was at that moment that he realized that he should never leave his family aside, that although he was poor in material terms, he was very rich in values.
After telling all this to Lucia, he asked for forgiveness, amid the shame and sadness of having lost all those years. It would never be the same, but that feeling of reconciliation eased their hearts.
For Lucia all those events were a very large mix of feelings, she knew that she could not leave her family as if nothing and return back. She was not like that and decided to talk to Lucas to try to find a way to live in that small village near her family and end the pain that had taken so many years. They decided to open a small pharmacy, they bought a small house and began to live a new life with their family.
Lucia turned to help her mother, her aunt and grandparents. Years after the reunion, Charo went into dementia, losing memory to the point of even forgetting who she was.
Charo, in the past he had lost his heart and now it was his mind that had left her, so came to the end of his days, dying in the arms of his daughter, who cared for her with care, affection and without any grudges


Original: Juliana Fructuoso
Adaptation: El Abuelo de los Melones

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