We have a range of high quality products

El Abuelo's family

Three generations of farmers, with the same concern

For us it is key to be in continuous development to improve the quality of all our products day by day. The relationship with our environment, both with customers and with suppliers, is based on trust, we strive to correspond with the same that is placed in us. Over the years we have evolved and created an infrastructure, which is supported by highly qualified personnel in order to improve and streamline all our processes.

"Proud of our family of products"

Melon The Grandfather

Toad skin melon from 1928

A melon with the exact pairing of sugar and flavor, a very special "al dente" palate, and a particular auditory "click" are the unmistakable qualities of the Piel de Sapo melon from the grandfather of melons. To get the flavor of Melones el Abuelo, we study the melon varieties by carrying out tests in a natural way during several seasons, before selecting the appropriate one. The parameters of the choice are very demanding, prioritizing the flavor and texture of the fruit to obtain the best melon.

«The first farmers in history continue to work with us»

watermelons grandfather

Watermelon Grandpa

Watermelons with an excellent taste

An exceptional product that, like all the others that make up the Melones el Abuelo family, is born out of our desire for nature and respect for our land. After several years of research, we obtain the seeds that today originate the refreshing El Abuelo watermelons.

"A seedless watermelon with constant consistency and exceptional flavor"

Melon once upon a time

Melons with a historical flavor

Once upon a time ... a farmer whose passion was growing melons of unsurpassed quality. He took care of even the smallest detail and the taste of his harvest was irresistible. The passage of time made this historical flavor fall into oblivion. Many years later, the result of a beautiful chance, descendants of this impetuous farmer, found in some old stables several sacks with remains of those historical seeds. That discovery was interpreted as a sign and they felt the responsibility to return to rescue those legendary melons. Today, as if it were a story, we return to the flavor of our history.

«With the guarantee of Melones el Abuelo»