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This week we premiered the month of July with a #CultivamosCon full of ink. We speak with the Madrilenian, although of Cadiz origin, Rasteu. Like us, transmitting values, tradition, culture ... is what this tattoo artist likes the most with so much feeling and devotion in each of his works.

It has an innate and spontaneous creativity that takes us to a state of weightlessness where we had let go and flow from one ...

We unmask the Deer Man, the alter ego of the photographer: Héctor Sánchez, who moves like “fish in the water”, rather, as a deer in the mountains to capture with photograph the essence of people, landscapes, moments that do not go unnoticed by The objective of your camera.
Welcome to a world where the explosion of color, shapes, lines and rebellion come to life, where dreams their way to live a poetry of unique images that will capture the viewer's attention, unique paintings depicting the beauty of the figure human, welcome to the world of the great artist Álvaro Peña.
Perhaps that cd that you carry in the car, that book that accompanies you on your bedside table or any of those that you have on any of your shelves have been the work of Rosacasirojo, the alterations of the graphic designer and illustrator, Rosa TF
From an early age, the graphic designer, illustrator and artist, Fuli García, scribbled and small drawings on any type of support. In a contest of the Institute he presented a "drawing very different from the rest of his classmates" that soon served him for a teacher to tell him that: "both design and illustration were something innate in him". That was the turning point for this great artist to continue painting terraced murals, carrying out designs, illustrations, logos and a long etcetera that would lead him to study at the School of Fine Arts in Murcia.
Antonio Tapia expresses with images what he does not verbalize with words ... he is close, outgoing, thoughtful and humble ... he tells in the form of an anecdote that he began to devote himself to his great passion: painting, a day he realized that he had not seen for six months the sun as a result of a job whose schedule kept him busy for long hours. One day, at a red light, he looked up and said: "I've been 6 for months without seeing the sun." This prompted him to fulfill his dream and paint to "be able to say things."
Toledo triathlete, Maria Miguel OrtegaIt is one of the sports most internationally within the scope of triathlon competitions in the World Series, at the national level, they add to a long list of competitions that has faced and which has proved to be a whole great triathlete.
The poet Antonio Aguilar knew that he wanted to be a poet from a very young age, that feeling towards poetry came naturally to his life, something intuitive that was in his destiny and was part of him. He firmly believes in the transforming power of poetry, for him it is a way of inhabiting the world and where he can seek the authenticity of everyday life because "life itself is a great adventure".
From an early age the artist Judit Comes He was able to enjoy a family where many artists and artisans instilled in him the courage and affection for artistic disciplines which would lead to living surrounded by art and wanting to devote himself to it with great vocation. That passion and skills have led her to do great things, travel the world - with special stops in Asia, cradle of fruit and vegetable carving - and get great recognition that has positioned her as one of the best carving artists in our country and internationally.

"Stay" is the name of the last album of the band Funambulista led by Diego Cantero, a true poet of the song, author and performer who began his passion for music from an early age, with the guitar always close to live the adventures of the emotions that were shaped like a song and that express so much in his voice. After three solo musical works of Cantero in 2010 "he released his first album under the name of Funambulista" a real success with great reception in televisions, social networks, digital musical platforms and that he has conquered with music that reaches the soul.

The artist Rosana Sitcha (Rosa Ana Martos Sitcha) offers a pictorial discourse of beauty and simply magnificent depth. This graduate in Fine Arts manages to put on stage the noise of the silence of the cities despite the fact that they have the company of anonymous people who are in "inside cars, shops ..." seduced by a melody Orchestrated by the rhythm imposed by the city and the internal conflict that arises between it and the people who pass it.
The Murcian athlete, Miguel Angel Lopez, European champion of 20 Km marches, the competition is an opportunity to offer his best sports version, the challenges do not get scared is more planted face and that we can confirm with a palmarés that amounts to levels that very few have reached: gold medal in the European Athletics Championships (2014), fifth place and Olympic Diploma in the Olympic Games of London (2012), fifth position in the Taicang World Cup (2014), bronze medal in the Athletics World Championship of 2013 (...) a Curriculum in which in addition to sporting achievements has shown that resides in the values ​​of sportsmanship, perseverance, overcoming, closeness ...
Óscar Ferrer, Aarön Sáez and Vicente Illesca are the members of the band Varry Brava. These guys waste freshness, naturalness and lots of energy. In the live shows they are BIG in capital letters, they spread "good vibes" and their show will make you get hooked on their music and move muscles that you didn't know you had. We warn you that you can become more than a fan a mega-fan of these guys.
EME (EME the MATI) She is a unique artist, her wall illustrations leave no one indifferent; energy, message, dialogue that goes beyond the walls and murals, are an explosion of life in the eyes of those who observe because as she claims to make a mural "it is a matter of empathy" connect not only with the inner look that is carried in the heart.
The music made an appearance in the life of the composer, Roque Baños López, from a very young age, it seems that when he was born he began to write in a score a melody of emotion, feelings and magic that would conspire in everything he did. This prolific composer is also a Senior Professor of Saxophone, Piano, Solfeo, Harmony, Counterpoint, Composition and Instrumentation and Orchestra Conducting, although without a doubt, his facet as a composer in the world of cinema is perhaps the best known.
Actress Cristina Alcázar proves to be one of the actresses that shines most on the national interpretation scene, her ability to give life to any type of role confirms that there is no role that resists her. It makes us laugh, out loud, it has made us cry with papers that have permeated personality. Theater, cinema, television series, short films, direction, Internet and the list continues for this actress who gives us a conversation full of color, optimism and strength.

The urbanLifestyle of the Öffner team formed by: Isabel Orenes, José Antonio García and Daniel Alarcón has captivated us, its optimistic philosophy is easily infected with an original proposal where: “trendy”, “urban” and “packaging” seek to awaken your most authentic side to explore and enjoy that casual, urban and unique freshness that invites you to: "disconnect, be yourself, simply".

A good day Adolfo Ortiz, Carlos Mellado and Víctor Guindo They decided that his hand was innovate, to risk leaving behind the fear to embark on an important personal and professional challenge, for it will bet for creating FELER, a brand that saw your look of authenticity and a lifestyle: “Live well”, “live well”, “have a good time”, in short, enjoy life and do it with intensity.

Concha Sandoval is one of the volunteers and coordinators of the patient support group at the Morales Messeguer University Hospital and part of the heart and soul of FADE (Foundation for Development and Education Assistance), a place where helping other people is a way to understand life, to help us to be better, among all, as a community and society.

José Antonio Torregrosa, known by his pseudonym, Torregar, likes to foresee “how the viewer is going to see his work” and believes “that the paintings are part of the people who are going to see them, people make great works of art with what they transmit and suggest. ” He understands the creative process as an act of intimacy, a more personal act and is in a permanent state of experimentation and exploration which leads him to combine teaching with artistic creation, (...), and with an illusion that radiates his gaze and that It permeates everything you create.

Raquel Sastre is one of the best comedians in this country, a monologuist of Paramount Comedy, has left her personal mark on the television series: “La que se Avecina”, and on shows like “Hormiguero” or radio like: "Te I give the word "with scripts loaded with humor, insight, and a lot of acid touch, intelligence and black humor.

Cristóbal Pérez García is an artist who does not go unnoticed, his ability to capture the reality around him and capture it in his works manages to arouse the interest of the viewer. With an exceptional ability to capture beauty, mold in sculpture and recreate in his paintings, the essence of our world with a look full of intensity. Where landscapes, cities and spaces follow each other as opportunities for imagination where we are invited to observe, to feel, in short, to experiment with everything that their works transmit to us.

Encarna Talavera is a communication professional with a vocation and professionalism that radiates in all areas of her profession and her life. A close personality, fearless, tireless fighter, entrepreneur and great communicator tell us a lot about this woman who adapts perfectly to any format and medium to carry out her work of informing. Perhaps, radio and television are his two great media but we are not going to pigeonhole a journalist who stands out in everything he develops, whether in the field of training, interpretation, dubbing or other areas of interest.

Almudena Díaz is a stylist and director of the renowned fashion magazine Müsh Magazine that next May celebrates its second anniversary. In a permanent fight against boredom, he moves like a fish in the water in the world of fashion, trends and in enriching and creative disciplines where he can explore and make the best of each one of us, all this, to discover the essence that resides in our interior and that marks our personal style.

Jerónimo Tristante is a prolific writer who combines his hours of creating worlds of mystery and intrigue with his teaching activity as a high school teacher. Detail in his writing, his books come to life and take us to scenarios where you create and recreate, to perfection, nooks and characters ranging from the Middle Ages to the turbulent period of the Inquisition, the Spanish Civil War, through the capital Madrid the late nineteenth century. This time, allowed him to glimpse the perfect location for its star character: "Víctor Ros".
Begoña Martínez is a translator, entrepreneur, active professional, urban cyclist and pro-rights activist, LGTBI and reproductive, who has been (re) voluting the world of translations making them more accessible, agile and versatile. A few years ago, the idea of ​​Júramelo emerged, an online platform to carry out sworn Spanish translations to the most remote places, since they offer worldwide service.
Jorge Párraga, of Bagger OffHe is a brave man who, in the middle of the economic crisis, decided to see the opportunity instead of the obstacles, endorsing that: "where some see the problem, others see the opportunity." Thus, along with two other colleagues, they decided to bet on creating a solid men's fashion project where elegance and sophistication were the reference to follow. Now there are five partners of this company.

Gloria Olmos She is creative, enterprising, a fighter, with a lot of style and, it is of those people, who inspire others to pursue and fight for their dreams. In addition, she is the heart and essence of Gloriaca, a Murcian brand that is taking a place in the fashion of this country for its groundbreaking design, high quality of its products, creative process. And, for the care and affection, that they give to each of their Gloriacas, that is why "no two Gloriacas are the same, they are unique pieces".

José Miguel Vilar-Bou (Alfafar, Valencia) is a journalist and an inveterate traveler, Italy, Serbia, Belgium or London intermingle with an extensive list of cities and places where he captures with words the force of the moment. Chronicler of his time as a good journalist, a lover of literature and good music. He usually accompanies his days between the chords of his acoustic guitar, and a notebook to capture what inspiration gives him in the form of a story, story, song or photograph .....

Leticia Varó She is a restless woman, curious, fashion lover, event organizer, stylist for advertising spots, blogger, and if this were not enough, she is also a unique person who always wants to continue learning. She offers us a fresh look of the coolest and trendiest fashion we can enjoy and, she tells us through social networks, which have become her means of communicating. It is one of the people who make it possible for the Murcia Fashion Week is making its own right, an unmissable event with fashion and with all creative disciplines have their place in this event which places Murcia in the trendy map of Spain.