Tradition, culture and values

Our philosophy
Our journey began with our grandparents and parents as protagonists. But it was not until 2003 when, united by similar concerns and inherited antecedents, we decided to add our experience, knowledge and tradition to offer the essence and flavor of yesteryear. Melones el Abuelo is the result of three generations of farmers, united by sharing the same goals. The work we do is based on the product and the sustainability of its crops. This way of understanding agriculture is for us a philosophy of life.

Melons Grandfather

It is not a product, it is a legacy

Commitment above all

Innovation and tradition
A story that stems from a commitment to the product and to the land, expressed in cultivation techniques carried beyond the borders of our country. We must highlight the complicity with quality as the only flag of our brand, emblem of our company. Innovation and tradition are not incompatible words. At El Abuelo we merge years of inherited wisdom together with the most modern techniques of fruit and vegetable production. We maintain a commitment with our clients in the quality of all our melons since 1928.

Our history in time

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Behind every melon there is a great story

Respect, solidarity, empathy.

At Cáritas we want to thank you for your trust and support during the pandemic.

Your help is very valuable.

Therefore, in 2022 we need to continue counting on your collaboration