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We are in continuous development to constantly improve the quality of all our products.


For us, trust is the key, both placed in us as we generate.


Infrastructure and qualified personnel who have agility endow our processes.


We are reliable but not infallible, we do our best to give a guarantee to our customers.


Melon from 1928

A melon with the exact mix of sugar and flavor, a special "al dente" palate, and a "click" ear particularly are the unmistakable qualities of toad skin melon grandfather of melons.

To get the flavor of the granddaddy of Melons, cantaloupe varieties studied by assaying naturally for several seasons before selecting the appropriate. The parameters of the choice are very demanding, rewarding the taste and texture of the fruit to get the best melon.

The first farmers of history continue to work with us.


Sandias excellent

An exceptional product that, like everyone else, is born from our desire for nature and respect for our land. After several years of research, we get the seeds originate refreshing watermelons today Grandpa.

A seedless watermelon with a constant consistency and exceptional flavor.

watermelons grandfather
Sugar baby white melons the grandfather


An excellent taste

Result of the research and several years of searching for new varieties.

It stands out for its white cream color and its rounded shape. It has a firm, crisp flesh and a very sweet taste that surprises. A constant texture and a long conservation.

A high Brix graduation


A tribute to the palate

Orange flesh, crisp texture and a long yellow melon this is a gift that nature offers us a tasty bite melon melon Perhaps the sweetest in the world!

Sugar Baby Gold honeydew is also ideal for processing (IV range) because of its flavor and long life.

orange flesh and a crisp texture.

Sugar baby melon
Sugar baby matisse


Very sweet taste

Its shape is rounded. Cream colored and green veined on the outside. Its pulp is firm and consistent, it is white and its peptone is orange.

It is a very sweet melon, contains high levels of sugars and a firm texture pulp.

A firm texture pulp.


A different sweetness

After several years of searching for new sweetnesses.

It stands out for its dark green color and its rounded shape. With a juicy meat, very good consistency and a different sweetness that surprises.

A good consistency.

Sugar baby green melons grandfather


More natural. more melon

Procomel Bio is the result of commitment to ecological and sustainable agriculture. A genuine melon, sweet to the taste, unique flavor of soft aromas and crisp textures that keep the secret of the freshness and quality of a unique and ecological melon.

Bio Procomel melons toad skin are firmly committed to the natural. To do this, we use the more traditional farming techniques creating a unique flavor and respectful to our environment.

Bio Procomel perfección natural.

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