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souled logo melon melons grandfather

Melon Con Alma

“From the feeling, from the passion and the goblin, a melon is born with a soul” Melons the Grandfather.

The feeling that travels in the wind has left a trail of magic, a phrase of joy that reconstructs the broken parts, like the warm embrace of a good friend who you feel close. Lucky to devote wholeheartedly to your passion, your destiny, your art, that moves inevitably to shine among the crowd.

Melons Grandfather wanted to pay tribute to all the artists who have passed through the XXXVI Festival de Cante de Lo Ferro and thanks so much beauty and art that has gone through this spectacular scenery where we lived the emotion and feeling of dedicating with dedication and passion.

Logo with passion melons the grandfather flamenco

Dedication and passion

That dedication and passion for which we are very unitholders treat fondly melon, cherish fondly in the field, cultivate and put all our heart that the melon Grandfather reach their homes is a melon that comes from our passion for the field, which grows with the feeling that we will in our day, and where the elf conspires to have this very unique flavor, so different and that makes us a melon with soul.

All artists and people who have made the XXVI Festival de Cante want to thank you. Thank you for your immense voices, your art full of magic onstage, for making us feel flamenco from the heart to feel the greatness of singing, dancing, guitar, soft palmeo reaching to the sky to the great Sebastián Escudero could hear.

Logo with feeling melones the grandfather flamenco

Great people and artists

Great people and artists Capitalized have offered a flamenco show first order and we discovered that the elf lives in every corner of Lo Ferro, like a magic that envelops everything to make you feel the elf, so thank you so thanks all emotion, feelings, art, flamenco from the heart, so ...

"Sentiment, passion and elf born a melon with soul Melones Grandpa".

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